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Sky. Female. 22. USA.

I basically just reblog food and art and photography and bad jokes and screencaps and things that I agree with. I always change my icon to my favorite character of whatever I'm watching.

Currently Watching: Bob's Burgers, Eden of the East, Gravity Falls, Orange is the New Black, Sailor Moon Crystal, Sword Art Online II, Tokyo Ghoul.


Modern Team Uh-vatar

Everything will be uh-vatar if Tahno eventually joins the crew. Or maybe I am putting way too many hopes into that little ‘See ya around, Uh-vatar’. But I wanted both Tahno and Iroh being here anyway, because I lohve them.

Excuse me for Bolin. I am really sorry ahaha, baby I apologise to you, too. I gave you a Pabu badge and a music player, so maybe it will be easier for you. 

~Bolinnn in the deeeppp~

Actually I not as satisfied with this as I was with Gaang, but at least I tried.. 

And I guess you’d better click on High res and then open in a new tab so at least it will be in normal quality.

Hope you’ll like this:)

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